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Unlike many professional guitarists I didn't start young. In fact, I only truly started playing when I turned 18 years old and went to college to study music. After 2 years spent at my local college I went on to study at BIMM London. 3 years later I earned myself a Degree in Popular Music Performance.

Since then I've played countless gigs all over the world. Royal Ascot, Maldives, Venice, Cyprus, Muscat etc. I currently play around 100 gigs per year at a professional level. So you are in great hands..

As many of you well know already, I run the YouTube channel Guitar Legend, which has thousands upon thousands of subscribers from all over the world. I like to think this is a sure sign that my teaching is universal and people really click with the way I present my lessons.

I truly believe that guitar is made far more complicated than it needs to be for most students. I simplify things and show you 'shortcuts' that all professionals use in order to get some serious enjoyment and fulfilment out of your instrument super fast!

One of the reasons I've been fortunate enough to make money from the guitar is because I know how to work with other people. People skills can be learnt and worked upon (which I teach within my networking course) and its hugely important when getting gigs. 

On top of guitar playing I'm a qualified sound engineer and producer with a vast knowledge on mixing live sound as well as recording music in my home studio. 

If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to ask me..

Were in this together, I'm not some large corporation.. I'm an individual that wants to help YOU.

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