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online metronome free

Exercises + tips

Timing God

Want your internal musical

clock to be golden??

Set the metronome super low, say 50bpm or lower..

Then try and play two notes per beat. So hard!

Lower = Better

The lower you keep the metronome tempo the better..

If you want to practise 120bpm..

Set it to 60bpm. Its the same!

But your internal musical clock

has to work much harder

What even is it?

A metronome helps us to

keep in time when practising

It improves our timing and also

lets us gradually build our speed

It's a musicians best tool when 

practising almost anything!

What's BPM?

Beats Per Minute. 60 bpm is

essentially like a clock.

Because there are 60 seconds 

in a minute..

120 BPM would therfore be

2 beats per second etc.

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