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The lessons are laid out in order of ability. Work your way up the ladder.


No nonsense lessons. I teach you the fastest way to improve on the guitar.


It's FUN. We'll have REAL music to play along to and tonnes of resources


Have me as your personal guitar coach and contact me whenever you like.


Learn from anywhere, at anytime. Mobile or Desktop. You just need internet!

What are you waiting for?

Don't just take MY word for it

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What are you waiting for?
What's Included?

100's of Lessons
Difficulty Order

Email me videos
for feedback

Soloing, Improvising

Licks, Riffs

Access to ALL

Guitar Courses

Access All
My Backing 

Chords, rhythms,


Mobile Phone


Theory, reading music, song lessons

New material

regularly uploaded

Learn to get paid

guitar work

Networking, advice, practise methods

a shortcut to

guitar MASTERY

Example Lessons
Achieve Your Goals!

Moveable Chords
CAGED System

Advanced Rhythms

Pentatonic Scales


Slide Melodies

Horizontal 3rd's


Scale Shapes

Ear Training

Finger-Style Course

Perform on Stage
Get paid to perform!

Perform in front of your school/work

Perform to your family

Impress your friends

Travel the world (And get paid)

Start your own band or join one

Simply play for fun!
Impress that girl or guy

Learn a new skill

Record your own music

The list is endless!


Lessons start at beginner level 0..

..They progress over time to expert level


Both instruments go hand in hand..

..So I made lessons for both guitar types

Over 100,000



 My Story
How I became a professional guitarist

After watching John Mayer perform on my TV, I decided I would learn the guitar for real this time. I was 18, and thought it would be easy enough if I put in the practise hours. Studying music at college helped me focus on music and learn some theory, but the other guitarists had been playing for 6-10 years already and I was pushed onto the piano to play that instead.

"I'll have to learn in my own time at home I guess" was my thought.. No matter how hard I tried though, I simply wasn't getting much better. I spent 5 hours a day practising my scales like I was told, but still couldn't solo or improvise. I learnt some tricky solos on YouTube, but they were so messy and I still couldn't create my own licks or solos or understand how the guitarist had come up with the solo in the first place! I felt like a one trick pony.

Sounding familiar yet? 

It was only years later that I slowly unravelled the secrets to learning guitar fast and efficiently. I had to make tonnes of unnecessary mistakes along the way. Ironically, I'd spent hours playing boring things that I thought "I had to do" in order to progress. Later on, I realised that there was actually a more efficient AND funner way to practise these skills.

Okay.. So we all learn from mistakes I hear you saying. But as the billionaire Charlie Munger says:

"They don't have to be your own mistakes"

Guess what guys, you don't have to learn from your own mistakes for the next 10 years. You can skip all of that and learn from somebody that's already done the guinea pig run...

That's where I come in...

You want to know what changed in order for me to start REALLY learning the guitar?? I went and had one-to-one lessons with GREAT guitarists. The crazy thing is, these guitarists aren't famous and were hard to find. John Wheatcroft and Jim Clark were 2 of my key mentors; 2 of the greatest guitar teachers on the planet in my opinion.

They make their money teaching at universities and performing in studio recordings hence why you haven't heard of them.. Unfortunately if you want to learn from them you will have to spend thousands of £$£$£'s!


How much do lessons cost?

Guitar lessons cost £20/hour usually. If you study at university like I did, you rack up thousands of £'s of debts!

This website will get you to your goal.. But guess what..

it's ONLY £9.99/(around $15) per month

Join Guitar
Legend here


What do the lessons involve?

The lessons are ALL videos. They include backing tracks, TABS/scores and all lessons are laid out in difficulty order. 


Do you offer refunds? What if I don't like it.

If you don't enjoy the content within your 30-day trial, you can cancel your contract and not pay a penny!


How do I cancel my membership?

Easy, simply email stating your email log in, and when you wish to cancel.


What Ability Level is this for?

I have the courses laid out in order of ability for you so you can start at beginner, then foundation, then soloing, THEN specialise in your chosen courses after that.


When are payments taken?

For monthly members, payment will be taken from you bank account once a month on the same date. i.e. the 4th of each month if thats when you joined. 


Can U18's get discounts?

Yes! 50% off

Learning at a young age is ideal, because your brain is at it's maximum learning capacity. I'll need proof of your age though. You can email a picture of any official document that states your name + age. (Photo NOT required)

Get yourself signed up today

What courses are there?

Finger-style course screenshot.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 16.51.02.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 16.50.55.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 16.50.50.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 16.50.45.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 16.51.11.png
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