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When do I pay my 

membership fee?

You are charged once each month starting 7 days after the date that you joined. i.e. if you join on the 4th of May. You'll be charged on the 11th of each month thereafter. 


Why can't you just give us the lessons for free??

I wish I could, but YouTube copyright claims my videos and therefore I barely make any money from it and simply can't afford to spend my life giving away free videos


Do you offer

The first 7 days is totally free, so if you don't like the content, simply email to cancel before the 7 days is up and you won't be charged anything.


Is this website mainly for acoustic or electric guitar?

Both work hand in hand. You may opt to use different techniques on each, but the lessons on this website apply to both guitars 90% of the time.


Whats included in my


You gain access to ALL my content as well as all of my backing tracks. I have several courses laid out in difficulty order starting with the beginner course, then the foundations course, soloing course, networking course and so on.


Which lessons/courses should I start first?

I almost ALWAYS say the Foundation Course. Then potentially the solo course. After that, you can specialise in any course that suits you!


I joined up...
Now what???

You will receive an email with a web link to access the members only page, so check you spam/junk folder. On the members only page you simply click on the log-in button and create yourself a log in and password to use for the future.


How do I cancel my


Simply email me and I will cancel your subscription. You will then lose your access to the members only page.

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